Testimonial 4

“I had the great pleasure of working with James Lopata over the past few months and he has been extremely helpful as a Coach. I hired James as a Coach because I wanted to make some career changes but I didn't know where to begin. James started off by collecting some information about my background, values, work history, and goals. Then we did a deep dive into my history to better understand my skills, passions and motivations. From there we set up a series of weekly tasks for my career exploration which allowed me to learn about various careers and determine what would be the best fit for me. Throughout this process, James kept me focused and motivated. He also assisted in my evaluation process by asking probing questions and reminding me of my specific long term goals. In addition, James was able to connect me with a lot of helpful people and resources along the way. James is very knowledgeable, thorough, thoughtful, and supportive. He has helped me to determine my next career path and to take the appropriate actions to find the best position based on my unique needs. This has been an extremely useful and rewarding experience. If you need help in any aspects of your life (career, relationships, personal growth, etc.) I would highly recommend James’s services.” 

— Peter Zimmer, VP, Cloudant, an IBM company

Testimonial 2

“James Lopata is a person who is truly living his passion in helping people maximize their potential for happiness, success and fulfillment in their professional lives. I found him to be dynamic, creative and truly inspiring to be around as we worked together on figuring out the next chapter in my career. He's formulated a winning approach to career and business coaching from his extensive and varied business experience along with a huge amount of knowledge related to coaching/personal development. He's also constantly learning and evolving his methods consistent with his ongoing commitment to his own development for the benefit of his clients. James is also very generous in leveraging his extensive network which is something that has helped me enormously throughout my search. I recommend James to anyone looking to make positive changes in their life and career!”

—James Ashton, Executive Coach, Corporate Trainer

Testimonial 1

“James Lopata has been an exceptional coach and he's one of my trusted advisors. In early 2014, I was eager to explore three startup business ideas but I had no experience in entrepreneurship. Leveraging James’s experience and expertise, I learned how to apply Lean Startup methodologies, and I submitted my business ideas to a local startup incubator competition. James taught me how to think like an entrepreneur:

• He kept me accountable to the goals we developed;

• He made me question the validity of my preconceptions and assumptions;

• He helped me to minimize my financial exposure while maximizing what I learned about the market;

• He helped me to take advantage of local startup networks and resources;

I'm genuinely thankful for the investment I made in hiring James as my coach, and I'm still benefitting from the returns!”

— Eric Santamaria, Senior Leader in Continuous Improvement, athenaExchange